It started with liquid soap

Jinawi was first established in 2016 under the name of Bath Diary. Later in 2018, we officially decided to rename our company to Jinawi. It comes from a Javanese phrase “Gemah Ripah Loh Jinawi”. The phrase means serene, prosperous, and fertile land. We are committed to provide beauty products with high quality, halal standard, safe ingredients, and eco-friendly production process.


It started with a young mom whose son had an eczema and allergic to conventional baby soap. The young mom did hundreds of trial-errors and later created her own baby soap. Fortunately, it worked well to her son. Thanks to the nature, the mom only used goat milk and olive oil for soap formulation. Both are now known as Castile and Chèvre liquid soap.



Small-scale process does have advantage

Our products are handmade, which means they are produced in a small-scale process. We have the advantage of having fresh ingredients for our products. Fresh ingredients means better quality of products.

Our company believes in the value of sustainability. We reduce non recyclable plastics for our packaging, reuse our paper box, and recycle our organic byproducts into composts. We produce our own composts and use them to grow some of our ingredients.

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Nature provides us enough

Our products are mostly made from natural ingredients. We are committed to use less artificial ingredients because we believe that nature has provided us enough nutrients to maintain healthy body skin.

We buy our ingredients from the local farmers to reduce carbon emission from agricultural transportation. Using local resources also enables us to ensure the best quality of our natural ingredients. In addition, local farmers can make higher profit as the agricultural supply chain is shortened.