JINAWI Shampoo bar are home-made and all natural. They are formulated to provide good nutrition for hair.

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Shampoo Bar: Chocobrownie

Chocobrownie shampoo provides nutrition for hair. It helps give hair fuller-looking appearance. Combination of orange extract and chocolate are great to condition, soften, and moisturize the scalp.

Shampoo Bar: Go Away Itchy!

Go Away Itchy shampoo bar is great in reducing scalp oil production, removing dandruff, and stimulating hair growth.

Shampoo Bar: Honeybee

Honeybee shampoo bar is specifically formulated for sensitive scalp. The key ingredients are honey and chamomile flower.

Shampoo Bar: Pinky Winky

Pinky winky shampoo improves hair growth and balance oil scalp.